Thirsty in Paris

Your body is made up of 60% water. When I am thirsty, my body tells me. Even when it is 3 am and I wake up feverishly. Wouldn’t have been a huge problem. Normally, I grab some water from my nightstand and BOOM, not thirsty.

However, when in Paris, in my hotel, and everything and I mean everything is closed in Marais since just about everything is closed on Mondays except for strip clubs. I contemplated drinking the sink water but having 1st world problems, I didn’t want to experience “situations” on my flight. Determined to get something cold and refreshing, I ventured out to the streets of Marais hoping to find a vending machine or a corner bodega open. After walking aimlessly for like 30 minutes and encountering strangers, my “mmmm what are you doing” was telling me this might not be the safest situation. I hailed a cab down and asked him to take me to a store that is open. Long story short, 45 minutes later and 32 euros later, I had the most satisfying Ginger Ale in the Moulin Rouge district.

Lesson to be learned: Always have a bottle of water with you at all times so I don’t need to spend 32 euros at 3 am looking for a damn soda.

Staying Marais, I found many bars to quench my thirst most of the bars I fell in love with were speakeasies. There is something about the mystery of finding them that fascinates me. So where ever  I go, I try to find speakeasies and I love a really well-made drink. Long Islands, general rum and coke or vodka and cranberry don’t do it for me anymore. A well-made drink that is prepared with love gives me the same warm fuzzies when I eat something delectable.

Here are two I found in Marais.

Little Red Door

unnamed (16).jpg

Hint: That little red door is not the entrance 😉.
One of the most popular bars in Paris and worldly known, Little Red Door is a hip, quiet, little Parisian spot with plush sofas and cushy bar stools. It is what I pictured for a Paris speakeasy. One of the coolest things about this place is the cocktail menu. The menu is a custom, art board book. You choose the drink you want based on the art that speaks to you. Other than that, if you like your liquor like I like my liquor (I am a whiskey/bourbon kinda lady), expect nothing but top shelf selection. The bartenders are super friendly is an added plus.


unnamed (21).jpg
You will feel like you stepped into another place when you enter this speakeasy located in the back of a small taco joint. This hip, sexy, dim lit, cave-like speakeasy makes you feel like you entered another realm or secret society. Their signature cocktails are really good and it is a show watching the bartenders make the drinks.  Get there early, because it gets crowded and a line can be involved. If there is a line, grab a taco or two. The tacos are amazeballs.

Aside from being thirsty… I am always hungry. Here are a few notable places I went to eat at:

Le Comptoir De La Gastronomie
If you are looking for authentic french cuisine this is the place to go. The meal from start to finish satisfied my foodie cravings.


unnamed (17).jpg
1st course: Escargot. 

unnamed (18).jpg
2nd course: Duck breast with Mashed potatoes. 
unnamed (19).jpg


Dessert: Molten Chocolate cake with housemade Ice cream
Reservations are a must. I attempted to make a reservation online and somehow canceled them by accident because I cannot read French and Google translate failed on me. Perks of traveling solo, they fit right me in… outside in front of the heater lamps BUT hey I can’t complain.


Update: They are currently under renovation ( January 30 – April 2017)😫😫

Taing Song-Heng
I have this thing, where I have a craving for pho everywhere I go. Knowing a bit of the history of the French and the Vietnamese, I searched for a pho spot. I ended up at this alley with several pho spots but one was not quite like the others. Taing Song- Heng… wow! The best broth I have ever. It was like if someone made pho at their house and I was invited to come and eat. I am not a broth drinker, I know that is the best part, I’m weird. But I drank that damn bowl of broth like it was the only thing I had to drink. There are only two options to choose from: Beef Pho or vermicelli bowl. It is that simple but it was sooo good. It is a real family style restaurant. Be aware that you will be sharing your table with others. The only tiff is they didn’t have real Siracha (or is Siracha really Siracha. Things that make you go “mmmm”). I apologize I was hangry and a bit hungover so I didn’t take a picture.

Few more things:

  • If you happen to be in Paris during the Christmas time, head over to the Christmas market by Champs-Elysees and grab a cup of the hot wine that they sell. You will not regret it. That is going to be my go to for next winter.
  • Paris is one of the places you cannot ship wine back home. If you decide you want to bring wine home. I suggest Les Caves du Marais. I had a really great experience with the owner.

Ever been to Paris? Do you have any food or bar recommendations?

📸: Little Red Door


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