The AMAZING Race to Boracay

unnamed (24).jpg
Ilig-iligan beach

If I was part of “The Amazing Race” cast and if was anything like the journey getting Boracay that I had, I am good. I don’t need that in my life.  It could be because I didn’t take a “real” rest breaks coming from the United States to Southeast Asia. It could be the  20 hours in total of flights, 5 hours in layover, a bus to a ferry to ANOTHER bus but finally made it to Boracay!


unnamed (42).jpg
Diniwind Beach


Boracay, Philippines is a small island located about 195 miles away from Manila. Known for their beautiful pristine white beaches. Boracay has a balance of relaxation and nightlife but it is very touristy. When I say touristy, I mean plan to be harassed by vendors every 5 minutes (I am being kind) however I understand it is crowded as fuck with tourists and tour groups. Ok… I  know I am a tourist. However, there is a difference. These types of tourist are the ones that are covered head to toe in clothes holding an umbrella BUT removes everything for FIVE seconds to take that one jumping picture on the beach AND then puts everything BACK on. I am talking about those types and if you are one those people reading my damn blog, PLEASE stop it.

Ok back to Boracay.

Here are some of the experiences I had while I was in Boracay


White Beach

unnamed (39).jpg
Sunset at Station 3

White Beach is the go-to for sunsets. It is a beautiful beach that stretches 4 miles long.  It has white, soft sand, crystal blue water. And green algae. The green algae season start in every March and ends around late May.  There are arguments on whether the green algae is an indication that the water is polluted due to over tourism or seasonal phenomenon that plays a part of the ecological cycle by providing nutrients. I do not have a scientific opinion whether the green algae is good or bad. What I can say is there are other beaches you can go to avoid the green algae if that isn’t your thing. 

unnamed (40).jpg
Green Algae at Willy’s Rock

There are a bunch of things to do on White beach.  Sunset sailing was a popular thing to do. I would suggest talking to several vendors so you can haggle a reasonable price. One of my favorite but expensive hobbies… Scuba diving.  Do not expect on swimming with sharks, turtles. They do have some pretty good dive sites such as a plane and shipwreck.

Tribird plane wreck

Bulabog beach 

unnamed (41).jpg
Kite Surfing

Located around station 2. This beach is known for kite surfing. I wouldn’t suggest swimming in the water unless you want to get knocked out by a kite surfer. Relatively quiet, there are a few bars there that you can just hang out and watch the kite surfers. Or learn how to kite surf for 3 hours for about 3500 PUP.

Puka beach

unnamed (36).jpg

My favorite beach on the island. About a 10-minute tricycle drive from station 1. For hot and sunny days in Boracay, a breeze is a must. The vendors were around but wasn’t as bad as White beach. They have these cute huts that you can lay in when purchasing a drink.

Ilig-iligan beach 

unnamed (31).jpg

Super, uber secluded and vendors did not badgered me here. They had a few bars where I was able to grab a coconut and some food. Because of the low foot traffic, it was hard to find a tricycle to get back to White beach. However, there are moped or motorcycles… LIVE your life? Just hold on tight!

Diniwind Beach 

Diniwind is another quiet beach. One thing that stands out from this beach than the others is the view. My suggestion is to have brunch at Nami restaurant. They have one of the best views and one interesting elevator ride.

Where to eat, what to eat and where to find it

Breakfast & Brunch

  1. Nami Restaurant- great view for breakfast
  2. Real Coffee & Tea Cafe- located at station2. They offer real coffee and one of the best things you must try are the homemade calamnasi muffins.  The calamnasi muffins are like a key lime pie but a muffin.

unnamed (28).jpgunnamed (29).jpg

3. Lemon Cafe and Restaurant- you can find this pace in d’mall. By far my favorite breakfast place.

unnamed (35).jpg

4. Jonah’s Fruit Shack- known for their fruit shakes.

unnamed (33).jpgunnamed (32).jpg

5. Halowich- located in D’mall. Grab this dessert with two or three other people. It is a shaved iced dessert with fruits and other stuff.

unnamed (30).jpg


  1. Cyma located at D’mall. The must  try is the garlic crab with garlic pasta. They also have really good souvlaki and flaming cheese.
unnamed (34).jpg
Garlic crab with garlic pasta

2. Dos Mestizos. Spanish- Filipino fusion restaurant located between station 2 and 3.

unnamed (23).jpgunnamed (22).jpg

3. D’Talipapa

Ok so let’s talk about this place. First off it is a seafood market that u can you buy for cheap and go to a restaurant to get cooked for really cheap. That is amazing!

unnamed (38).jpg
Seafood Market

Ok here is the nitty grittty that no one talks about in any blog or they sugar coat this shit. It is overwhelming as fuck!  I have been seafood market before and they try to get your attention and what it to buy their seafood. But this place… is another level. As soon as u enter the market you will have people screaming at you about “Buy this!”  “Buy That!” While sea creatures are being flung in your face with a little lady screaming “Do you want clams?! Come to my restaurant!!”    

unnamed (37).jpg

Oh. My. Gosh! What. In. The. Hell?!  That experience brought me back to when I am a family reunion and my family is “talking” aka screaming, over one another over who knows what.

Anyways, ended up getting some lobster and prawns and got it cooked at one of the restaurants for pretty cheap.

unnamed (26).jpg
Spicy garlic Prawns
unnamed (27).jpg
GArlic Butter Lobster

Check out a boodle fight if you can, there was one that I saw in D’mall.

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