Down the rabbit hole…

Would you like an adventure now or shall we have cocktails first?

Months to plan my overnight layover stay in Seoul and I had nothing!  I was amped to get Korean BBQ, Soju and walk around Gangnam district but it was just like meh…  I figure this out.

I am a sucker for a great cocktail and love me some speakeasies. It is my thing to find speakeasies around the world. And that led me to…


unnamed (65).jpg

Located in Gangnam, is by far my favorite bar in the world.  Here are the reasons why:

#1 Speakeasy

Okay. Okay. A speakeasy in South Korea… defeats the purpose of the prohibition era and what a speakeasy represents. I get it! Nowadays, it is coined as a retro style bar and if a bar has elements of a speakeasy. It is a friggin’ speakeasy! And yes it is a speakeasy in South Korea. And again.. I love a speakeasy. Finding a speakeasy is like my treasure map to drinking a bomb ass cocktails. I am sold.

unnamed (63).jpg

unnamed (62).jpg

#2 Hospitality

Greeted with a small picnic basket of snacks. The bartenders aim to provide a good time and conversation. It was such a great time that three hours later… I was still in the rabbit hole listening to T. Yoon’s travel around the world to different and trading bar experiences around the world.


unnamed (67).jpg
Picnic basket of snacks

#3 Theme Cocktails.

Alice provides a menu booklet of cocktails that are divided by suits of from a deck of cards. In there the cocktails ranges from strong (Spades) to fruity (Hearts).

Each drink is carefully crafted to entice your taste buds while entertaining you with the presentation.


Teddy Picker

Birds and Bees



unnamed (66).jpg

I highly recommend this bar to anyone heading to Seoul.


Featured image not taken at Alice. 📸 Taken at Walt Disney World, Flordia 

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