Travel Blogger Feature: Farrin

I love love love meeting people that have the same passion for traveling. I can talk for hours trading stories and tips of countries we visited. So what not share some of the stories/experiences of other travelers?



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Farrin at Trinidad, Cuba


I met Farrin a couple years back and started social media stalking her.  Why? Instagram (@msfarrin) is poppin’. Her blog ( is really inspirational.  She talks about traveling while black, traveling tips to Cuba, lesson learned about money exchange or haggling prices. Oh and she hosts group trips periodically.  She just doesn’t vacation, she travels and she is really dope ass person.  Farrin has traveled to 34 countries.  When she is not traveling, she works for the government and strategically planning her next travel.

What inspired you to blog? 

I wanted to travel, inspire others to travel and do more things that I loved, so I started blogging to hold myself accountable. Since I started, I’ve been published on multiple blog platforms such as the Huffington Post.  I’m also a travel consultant and I host group trips. It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come from when I started.

You have been blogging for a while, what is your powerful/proudest article you have written?

I think that the most impactful blog I’ve written (the one that got shared the most) is “What do you mean how can I afford to travel so much”. Often people criticize what they don’t understand (or try to) and they “travel shame” you because they spend their money differently.  I would receive questions or shady comments from people who always had the latest iPhone, newest shoes or bags, and drove expensive cars.  This blog was for them and to show them that hey, you can travel, you just don’t want to.

How do you balance work and traveling?

I’m strategic with my vacation time and I save my money.  My goal is to eventually relocate for a couple of years.

Tell me the group trips or “Escape” you host.  

My trips have three tiers: adventure, culture, and escape.

I call these group trips “Escapes” because I want people to leave their idea’s of the typical travel experience at the door.


Adventure because I’m an adrenaline junkie. I like to constantly put myself outside of my comfort zone and try something new. Why?  Because it’s fun and it makes a better Farrin for Farrin.  I hope to nudge people to try and do a little something different that is out of their comfortable zone. We’ve been hiking in complete darkness to see the sunrise in Bali, and Kayaking through the floating villages of Cambodia. My next Escape trip is to Ecuador we’ll hike the Quilotoa loop and go tubing and zip-lining through the Amazon.

It is has been truly an eye opening experience to me to broaden my perspectives with the different culture.  I learn so much when I travel and see how people live differently than me or what I’m accustomed to.

You do a lot of group traveling and I know you have done your fair share of solo traveling, solo or group travel?

Loaded question because I do group trips. lol. I love both.

What is your favorite place and why?

Difficult question, but here are my top three, in no particular order:

  1. Italy. It made me fall in love with Europe (I wasn’t really a huge fan before). Between the wine, the people, and the country’s beauty I was blown away.
  2. Thailand introduced me to the wonders of Southeast Asia. GOOD cheap food, non-stop partying, tons of adventurous things for me to get into, I was hooked. I’m forever grateful for this country for opening my eyes to the liveliness of this region of the world.
  3. Brazil. The first time that I was completely cut off from any Americans or English and I learned some much during my time in Brazil.  I learned that I could teach English without knowing the native language (Portuguese).  I learned that vibes are a universal language that finds their way to communicate even when I couldn’t. Overall I made some lifetime friends some of whom I still speak to today,  through our broken conversations leaves much to the imagination.

What is your best experience so far?  

Talking about Brazil. It was living and teaching in Brazil for a month. I had such a great time! I learn about myself and Brazilan culture. Brazil will always have a special place in my heart.

The most interesting person you met so far?

My friend Ricky that I met while I was in Cuba. He taught himself English from reading! He also gave me insight into the current state of Cuba and the effect American Tourism is having on the country.

I’m a foodie and you as well. What country hands down has the best food?

This question isn’t fair! American food is trash so a lot of the places I’ve been have good food. Yes, I said it! So there aren’t many places I’ve been that I’ve hated the food more than home. Wait, no, London, London also has trash food.

I have to select a region, I’d say Southeast Asia. Can’t pick a country, it’s too hard. Top three, Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia.


Let talk about the worst…

Worst place you been to?

London. The ONLY thing I like about London are the Harry Potter sites. Other than that, I don’t ever need to go back. Unless it’s to see the play, I really need to do that. The food is bad! The weather bad!  Oh… and it’s expensive. No thanks!

(Farrin knows my heart!!!! I feel the same exact way!!! I had to add my two cents.)

What is the worst situation you have been?

Umm…lol I always find myself in interesting situations.  They aren’t “bad,” just teachable moments. One story that I can think of is when I had a flight to catch while I was in Thailand. Somehow I couldn’t get to my passport because I was lost and somehow lost contact with all of my friends.  My cell phone was dying (or dead) and I had to walk miles to find my friends house (from memory). The airport was an hour away and I had something like 2 hours until my flight when I began this journey.

What do you never leave home without?

My cell phone (when it is not dying or dead). It’s my camera, my calendar, my email, my wallet, all in one.

Last question what is a valuable lesson you learned while traveling?

Live in the now, and worrying doesn’t get you anywhere.


Farrin’s blog can be found at Please follow her on Instagram @ms.farrin and Twitter @ms.farrin.

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