Cienfuegos, Cuba

Modes of transportation – horse and carriage 

6 hours via bus, I ended up at Cienfuegos. Cienfuegos was the only city colonized by the French and their influence can be seen in the architecture. Relatively walkable and small city, it was entirely different coming from Havana.  Cienfuegos was beautiful and relaxing. Like super relaxing and super chill. The hustle and bustle of Havana was nowhere to be found. To me, my travels around Cuba started in Cienfuegos. I really experienced the realness and authenticity of what Cuba really was and it was amazing.
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Things to do 

El Nicho 



Located an hour and half away from Cienfuegos, this 1.5 miles long park has three natural pools with a spectacular waterfall. I was able to partially climb it until one of the employees in the park told me to no. I was really sad he caught me, like really sad. El Nicho was perfect if you want to get away from the city life and really take in the nature of Cuba. There is an entrance fee of 10 CUC.

Lunch at El Nicho

I would also recommend that you have lunch at El Nicho BUT not at the park. My taxi driver told me the food was trash and expensive in there. There are actually a few casas allow the road that serves food. I was able to have a great outside lunch at one of the casas.

Hotel Union Pool

After walking about the City of Cienfuegos, I ended up at a pool at Hotel Union. I didn’t stay at Hotel Union but if you get a few drinks and food by the pool, they are pretty cool with it. At night, Hotel Union has a rooftop bar where you can experience

Playa Rancho Luna

IMG_0782 (1).JPG

Cuba is known for their beaches and I loooveee beaches. I actually just love being somewhere hot, with clear, blue water and just straight beach bumming. Ok back to Cuba beaches, a few things that I loved about Cuban beaches is the lack of vendors on the beach. No one isn’t constantly bothering you to buy sunglasses, towels, flip flops, getting massages or your hair braided. Everyone is just enjoying their time at the beach. located 20 minutes away from Cienfuegos, is Playa Rancho Luna.

This particular playa is located 20 minutes away from Cienfuegos that is lined with huts and a local beach vibe. The only thing that people sold there was food and drinks and it was cheap! #winning.

Places to eat

Las Mampras

La Bahia


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