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You have seen the chick that is looking out at some dope ass place and her man is holding her hand. #relationshipgoals to travel with your significant other! Not often do I come across social media where two friends decide to leave their “adulting” life and decide to travel around together do epic things. Meet La and Kee the founders of Zen Out Loud. With the same dreams and inspirations, they decided to travel the world together.


Kee and La lets start off with your country count:

Kee: 25

La: 24

Do you ladies travel together all the time?

L: This journey is our first trip together.

How long have y’all been traveling together?

L: We have been traveling for approximately two and a half months. Cambodia is next for us!

That is awesome! What inspired the website Zen Out Loud?

K: Zen Out Loud is about traveling around the world to promote Mental Health Awareness! We realize far too many people focus on physical health, which is important but so is a healthy mind. We want it to be ok to seek help and guidance without being shamed.

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How do the both of you balance work and traveling?

K: At this present moment I’m pretending to be a trust fund baby. I’m taking a break from adulting so my only job is to travel and document it. I wouldn’t call myself a blogger that’s giving me too much credit.

L: I must admit, it has been very difficult to balance work and travel now that I’m on this journey. I was doing a much better job at balancing it when I was working a 9-5 which is weird to me. Honestly…I’m still trying to figure it out.

While you are not traveling, what do you do?

L: When I’m not traveling I allow myself to sit still and process my experience. I’m always on the move so it great some time to just doing nothing.

K: Plotting and planning to travel, duh!

Where is your favorite place thus far?

L: South Africa is one of my favorite places to visit. I love the food, art, culture, and most importantly the people.

K: This question is starting to get harder the more places I visit! My favorite place is somewhere I haven’t been because I get to explore and try new things.

The country with the best food?

K: Hands down the food…. the Philippines! Great variety, nice seasoning and very affordable. You can eat like a queen on a dime!

L: Spain. I’ve been to both Galicia and Andalucía regions in which I tasted some of the best seafood, wine, and cocktails I ever had. Those were two regions I would definitely send a true foodie.

What is the best experience?

K: My best experience was my first international trip to Italy. I landed in Milan with my eyes wide open! Everything was new all at once again. Simply fascinating! You know what they say…you never forget your first time.

L: Taking my mother to South Africa was my best experience. She stated for years that she wanted to go to Africa but couldn’t really find a friend to go with her. So on my third trip to South Africa, I was taking a bunch of my friends and decided to bring her along. I was bit nervous how the trip would go with the age difference but it was an awesome trip. There is nothing like fulfilling and experiencing your parents travel dream.

Most interesting person you met?

K: On my first visit to Milan, I meet a professional rock climber from Germany who looked exactly like the white version of “Snoop D O double G” as he put it! Damn, why wasn’t the gram around then?

L: I  met was a smart mouth rocket scientist. He was the nerdiest, slang talking, salsa dancing intriguing person I have met thus far.


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Now to the worst. What is the worst situation you got into while traveling?

L: I was kayaking in the dark in Puerto Rico with friends, we lost our group and was in the lagoon by ourselves. I had to use the skyline to get us back to safer grounds since it was pitch black all around us. It was hella scary. I was pretty much done with any type of kayaking for awhile after that.

K: Two words “Delhi Belly”. When you’re sick while traveling it’s the worst! You feel helpless and you miss out on fun things happening around you. It’s just not what’s up!

What is the worst place you been to?

K: Ughh!!! Don’t make me….India! I’m still mad about the “Delhi Belly”. But I still encourage you to go and see for yourself. There’s sweet with the bitter.

L: Yup I would have to agree…Rishikesh, India. I can adapt to many different surroundings, but after a month of living there, I could not deal with the massive amount of flies in the area. Loved the people bit the flies have to go!

Solo or group travel?

L: I like a mixture of both

K: Right now we’re a duo but we’re welcoming others to join us to Zen Out Loud!




You never leave home without….

L: A good nontoxic Mosquito repellent…they seem to love me everywhere I go!

K: My heart, it’s the bravest thing about me.

Last question but I think it is the most important one, the most valuable lesson you learned while traveling?

K: I’m black and privileged. Not everyone can travel. Some people are afraid. Many have no money. Some will not be granted visas. I say privileged because I’m American, I’m  black, I’m a woman and I’m blessed to see the world.

La: I’ve learned the ability to adapt to my surroundings. The places…the food…the people will change along the journey but the ability to adapt determines a great or bad trip.





Follow Kee and La’s travel adventures via:

Instagram: @wezenoutloud

Twitter: @wezenoutoud

Facebook: @wezenoutloud

YouTube: wezenoutloud


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