Road Trippin’ Series: Wine and Waterfalls!

Road trip to the  North of the border.

*cues Game of Thrones music*


IMG_0394 2.jpg

I was super nervous driving to Canada this time around. Maybe… because the last attempt… I ended up with spending 1 hour in Canadian customs at 4 am after driving  8 hours to have the customs officers interrogate you about possible priors. FYI I do not have any priors. And FYI do not lie to the officers it will get you banned from Canada forever.  BUT this time… easy coasting.

One of the first thing to do when heading into the Ontario province is Niagara falls. A source of hydro power, the falls are made up of three waterfalls that produce the highest flow rate on earth. My opinion… take the drive and head to Canada and see it from that side. It is wayyyy better like 1000 times better.  Trust. And see it during sunrise…. do it. It is perfect serenity.


Snapseed 3.jpg
Panoramic view of the US and Canada side of Niagara Falls at sunrise

I bought the package that  give me access to their excursions: the boat ride, 4D theater and  “Into the falls.” The pass allows bus access to travel to and from the different activities.   ALL of these activities… you might get wet (Yes even the 4D theater). So have dry clothes or wear their cute ponchos.

View of the Canadian side of the falls on the boat.

Aside from the falls,  there is also wine! Known for ice wine and orange wine, Niagara on the lake had over 20 wineries. If you are a wine lover or do a wine tasting, this road is definitely the place to go.

But first, food! Treadwell Farm to Table can be found on the Niagara on the Lake. The food was amazingly good, service was impeccable and the Sommelier was super nice and informative. I was able to taste the orange wine ( my opinion: I glad I just had a taste) and recommended Stratus winery for a tasting.

Lobster club


Steak Frites.


So after a wonderful lunch and the great recommendation. Stratus here I come. The building itself is ceiling to floor window that overlooks the winery. The sommelier at Stratus was not only informative, but super pleasant. Needless to say I went home with 6 bottles of wine.

Grapes at Stratus winery

After the wineries, stop by one of the many fruit stands or markets to pick up some locally grown fruits or vegetables.



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