Road Trippin’ Series: Toronto

Every time I think of Toronto… I think of Drake.

Besides Drake, Toronto is the Capital of Ontario province, known for the tallest free standing, the CN tower,  and for its diverse food selection.

In front of the CN tower

I stayed at Queen Street, known for trendy bars, cute boutiques and a graffiti alley. All of the things I need in my life for a weekend! Here are the things I did, saw, ate and drank.

  1. Graffiti alley:                   IMG_0524.jpgIMG_0904.jpgRunning 5 blocks parallel to Queen street (between Spadina Street and Bathurst  Street) are buildings covered with street artwork. It is a place that should not be missed is you are around Queen Street and take your time to look at all the artwork.
  2. The Vog Vault:
    Vog Vault

    An “anti-gravity” vault for great photo ops. Definitely an Instagram worthy picture op that is located inside of Fluevog Shoes. Check out their cute, one of a kind shoes.

    Harry Potter theme things:

    Lockhart Bar

    Of course I would find  Harry Potter theme stuff to do while in Toronto.

    1. The Lockhart bar:
      Wall of Dobbys

      This small, cozy bar decorated with a grownish Harry Potter theme (think 3 broom sticks for adults). Great drinks and the food looked pretty good (Before arriving to the bar, I suddenly got sick. Like one drink and I am out sick. So I wasn’t able to indulge like I want to and sadly the only bar I went to). But make a trip to the bathroom.

    2. Curiosa: IMG_0888.JPGHarry Potter- inspired theme gift shop, where you can find stationery, postcards. Basically things you wouldn’t find at the general Harry Potter stores but it has the touch of JK Rowling. They also have prints from the movies for sale. OH!!!! Why did I not talk about this first??!!  They have a sorting hat in  the shape of a metal typer!!! Maybe that is the Canadian way to sort wizards to the right house ( I know I am super corny. But you are still reading it.)  It spits out a house color token.
  3. Restaurants:
    1. O’Noir: Have anyone seen that movie, When in Rome, when Kristen Bell is on a date where it is pitch black and all of the guys that are in love with her show up? Ok, that didn’t happen to me but O’ Noir is a pitch black restaurant. Seeing how it was a pitch black restaurant, no pictures. The food was mediocre, I am not sure if it is because I didn’t know what I was eating and/or my controlling ass couldn’t see what the fuck was going on. But either way, the food was mediocre. The really cool thing was the serving staff. They were either legally blind or blind.  I would suggest to go if you want to do it for the experience.
    2. Fisherman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant: IMG_0774.jpgLobster towerLocated at one of Toronto’s Chinatown. This Chinese restaurant specializes in fresh seafood. A ton of it. With walls of aquarium tanks filled with live dungess crab, fish, lobster, shrimp. Go to is the fried seafood tower. We went with the Lobster tower with the fried garlic. Good to know:   The smallest lobster weighs in about 4 pounds and for two people that was waayyy more than enough lobster. So go with a group of people or another person. Just don’t go alone unless you really want to. Also it is a cash only establishment.

Wish I could have done more but exploring, and eating but the way my stomach was set up… Definitely a return trip must happen again for me soon.

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