Traveling International During COVID

I took a sneak trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico because my wanderlust ass needed to just to get the fuck out of dodge. And for my mental health. First and foremost travel with discretion. Wear a mask, social distance and most importantly if you have any medical issues to just make sure you are make the right healthy decision. FOMO may be a thing but YOLO hits differently.

I flew with Alaska Airlines in August. At that time, middle seats were unoccupied but the flight was technically full. I arrived to Los Cabos with a mask on the entire flight. Their customs line was pretty busy and long (I guess everyone was thinking the same thing I was thinking, get the fuck out of dodge). I timed it and it took about 90 mins, this without a checked bag. This was the first time I have been to Cabo so I don’t know if customs was longer because of COVID.

I didn’t rent a car since I wasn’t in the mood to explore or drive. Heads up though, car rental is hella cheap but they get you on the insurance. Mexico requires you to purchase some kind of car insurance. You can get car insurance with a AAA membership otherwise they offer the insurance at the rental office. In the end, the insurance covers the rental daily. I used a private car transportation with All Ways Cabo Transportation. They were super punctual and clean, the driver wore a mask the entire time.   

Where I Stayed

I stayed at the Bahia Hotel and Beach House in Cabo San Lucas. It was reasonably priced for a 3 star boutique hotel probably because of COVID. (I am seeing a trend while writing this post). They had a temperature monitor, the staff was masked, hand sanitizers everywhere. The room was super clean, housekeeping via a text message to keep distance when to have the room clean. I got to Cabo the day after a huge tropical storm so the pool wasn’t open for two days. When the pool opened, I had it to myself the rest of the trip. The beach though… the beach was popping. The vendors were out, people were out.

Places to eat

I have this thing about all inclusive. I don’t do them. (Kanye shrug). I can get into it and have a debate with someone on all inclusive vs non. At the end of the day I like delicious food and I like top shelf alcohol. This will always be a thing for me. Show me an all inclusive that does those. And I will say you are right, I was wrong.

The restaurants were open in Cabo San Lucas, they did close early. Here is a list of places I went to go eat that were all within walking distance:

Tacos Gardenias: a hole in a wall taco joint. I love a hole in a wall, that usually means the food is the great and affordable. The food portion was huge for the price you pay. The ceviche was really good.

Sur: This is located on the beach and has a great view of arch. If you decide to stay at Bahia, they give priority to the hotel guest for beach chair reservations. They had a santization tent that you would go through prior to meeting the hostess. It was a cool place to grab some beer, some lunch and people watch or get harassed by the vendors.

La Lupita Taco: If you love tacos, this is the place to go. the tacos here were the bomb dot com. They had these grilled oysters that were amazeballs.

Chamuyo: This is a place for the steak potatoes peeps.

Tres Sirenas Cocina del Mar: Mexican cusine that have fresh catch of the day and live entertainment. One of the coolest thing about them is make fresh tortillas. So good.

The Office on the Beach: Super Touristy, Super busy but it is on the beach, the food was good for beach food.

Things to do

When I said I did not do a damn thing but got a tan and sat the fuck down. That is exactly what I did. If anyone knows me… this is huge for me just sit the fuck down. But if you want to make your vacation fun and exciting. Here are following things you can do:

Booze Cruise around the Arch

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving- I did hear they have manta rays but the water is hella cold. It is the Pacific.


Horseback riding

In conclusion

It was a much needed get away trip. I spent a week there and didn’t spend too much on food and alcohol. I did feel safe and that everyone was doing their best to make sure everyone did not catch COVID. It was evident that tourism was not popping because of COVID. I do want to say the following: please travel with empathy, compassion, and patience. Empathy to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Compassion for others health, ethnicity, and culture. Patience for yourself for what you do not know you do not know. Patience for others who needs the patience to get their shit together. But have fun, relax, enjoy your time. Safely.

I do want to apologize that I did not take any pictures. It just wasn’t that type of trip. I am pretty sure I will do another Cabo trip soon. I did hear great things about the other side of Cabo from my driver. That trip will be totally different from this trip.

Tong out!

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