Camp-er Life

In 6th grade, there was an annual camping trip that the class would go to. I was super excited about going. Sleeping bags! Wilderness! Away from my parents and my little brother!  That excitement was shattered when my parents said no. My 10 year old littke heart was competely shattered and did not understand why I couldn’t go. And at 12, I definitely did not understand why my little brother was able to go to the same exact camping trip but I couldn’t. Yes I’m still bitter about it.

My parents always said: “Once you get older, you can do all of the things.”

Cue: All. Of. The.Things.

The camper I fondly renamed “Lil’ Camp”

Now that I am older, camp-er life in Kauai.

My initial plan for Kauai did not included camping. I booked a hotel for 5 days prior to my bright idea of camp life. But I am Miss “doing the most,” I wanted to extend my trip and that is how I stumbled on this camper like most of random trips. I figured hey why not drive around a camper in Kauai for 5 days. I can move around better ANDDDDD it would be a good way to see Kauai! Right?!?!

This is me talking myself into this. I never camped a day in my life. The closest I been camping is glamping at Joshua trip and that was for one night.

Glamping at Joshua Tree

Things to know:

Plan ahead on booking a camper in Kauai. I got this camper 6 months prior to my trip and that was considered mad last minute. I got a real basic one. It was the only one available when I booked. There are other types of campers and different websites that rent campers.

Read the contract agreement with the company you booked. I know this sounds weird. like why wouldn’t you not read the contract prior to signing. I don’t know everyone thing. I read mine but I know people that don’t read contract and sign their life away. Read the contract.

If you rent a camper there are only one camping site, Kumu, you can camp IN your camper. This means you can sleep inside your car, camper van. All of the campgrounds In Kauai requires you to pitch an ACTUAL tent on the ground and SLEEP in said tent. Had I known that was a thing, my thoughts of driving to one place and sleeping where I parked did not work out.

I stayed in Kumu the entire time because I had no intentions to pitch a tent, sleep in a tent, wake up, break down the tent when I have a BED in a camper.  Not happening. Tent didn’t even crossed my mind.

Sunrise at Kumu campsite.

Kumu campsite was a beautiful beach front camp site located on the North side of Kauai.  They have an outdoor kitchen, bathroom and shower facilities. Hot showers are available but be prepared that it might not be hot.  Book ahead of time online because they do get booked up and require a three day stay at the campground. It cost $20 a night per person. Also, if you want to pitch a tent, you can! The tent doesn’t have to have to be broken the next morning. It can stay there for the days rented. I did no such a thing.

My camper had everything that I needed to survive. They had a mosquito net, things to make fire,  to cook food, cookware, utensils, fold up chairs, a tent. I imagine the supplies provided can help me survive if the end of the world was to happen. I used two things: the chair and snorkel gear. It was great! I did a lot of carry out if everyone is wondering what I ate.

Lil’ Camp at the beach

My opinion of Camp-er life, I stepped out of my comfort zone. It was raining the first night, cold and just in the camper by myself. I realized the camper did not have generator or a power source except the cigarette lighter ( car port charger thingy). It is funny how it is just one thing that makes you lose it. The lack of a power source had me on a search for available hotels. Immediately changed my mind because the way Kauai hotels prices were set up, my bank account would disown me. I can get my shit together for 5 days??!! I did it and I had a pretty good time. Staying in the camper allowed me to see the sunrise every morning. Get out of bed early in the morning to see things versus lounging around a plush hotel with all the amenities.   Is camping for me? Absolutely the fuck NOT. I can do a glamp situation for alotted time . I might be able to a camp situation if someone sets everything up for me. Is that still glamping? It did give me some serenity, clarity to be one with nature. 

Me and Lil’ Camp


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