Just Me

Hey you!

First and foremost, Thank you for visiting my blog! 

My name is Christina and I am a lover of exploring the world while eating my way through it. When I am not traveling, I reside in the Washington, DC area. 

My best friend once told me ” No one sees the world like you.” I think he was telling me that I have a third eye or something… who knows. Anywho…

*cues some amazing, exhilarating adventure song of your choice in the background*

I am a “SBAR” type of person. So my blog post is going to be short, sweet and straight to the point as much as possible. Follow me and my adventures, my fuck ups (it does happen), situations I get myself into while I travel this place we call the world.

“The only courage that you need is the courage to live the life that you want” – Oprah Winfrey

📸: Highland Bowl in Aspen, Colorado