pow pow pow

Highland Bowl, Aspen Colorado

I absolutely hate the cold, the snow, everything that is wet and cold. It just not for me. I came to realize… I JUST don’t like living in snow. My adventurous, adrenaline junkie ass love to find new hobbies,  expensive ones at that. It is only fitting that I found something I love doing in the winter. SNOWBOARDING! I have been snowboarding for over ten years, I’ve been chasing blue days and lots of pow. Interested on snowboarding or skiing?

Here are some information on how to get started. Honestly, it is going to be more about snowboarding because snowboarding is way better than skiing. I said what I said.

Basics before the mountains:


Mammoth Mountain, California

First and foremost let’s start off with getting the basic essentials so you don’t have hypothermia.

The following are an absolute MUST:

Jacket and pants: water resistant, majority of the brands will say 5k or 10k that is telling you the breathability, waterproof and how quick does it dry. The higher the number the higher the waterproof and warmth you have.

Gloves/mittens: make sure they are waterproof! You will be on your ass a lot and even when u are able to carve like Shaun White, never know when you will be stuck in some shit and you don’t want a wet cold hand. My go to are mittens with glove liners. They keep my hands warm and when I fall I have more control of my hands in mittens. I know it is weird but mittens over gloves. Unless you decide on skiing then gloves are easier for you to grasp your poles.

Base layers/socks: again I hate the cold,  normally people put on pone base layer. Im like two pant base layer with my snowboard pants and two base layer tops with a hoodie and my jacket. I get cold. Wool base layers are the best, they keep you dry and warm the entire time unless you are on your ass. A lot.

Googles: A must need. Or you can have a thing called Snow blindness, also called arc eye or photokeratitis, is a painful eye condition caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.  Granted that might not be a thing for like a while but to protect your eyes. Get some googles.

Cooper Mountain, Colorado

Things you can rent:

Snowboard, bindings, boots and helmet.  I would not get any of these unless you try it at least once and love it. You don’t want to end up with $800 worth of stuff you end up hating.


            Always. Always. Always start out with a lesson! Whenever I take anyone out to mountains the for first time. I always suggest a lesson. The instructors give you the basics, safety, stopping, and getting off a lift. I strongly advocate a lesson because of safety. There have been incidences where people thought they were going to be great with out lessons and end up breaking a bone, concussion, hitting a tree etc. Don’t be that person. The plus of lessons, the resorts offer a package deal that includes a lesson, snowboard, boots, bindings and lift ticket.  It is a great deal.

Now the boring stuff is out of the way.

For the first time, whatever mountain doesn’t make a difference. Honestly go to your local mountain. It is cheaper. I use to day trips and learned in Whitetail Resort in Pennsylvania. There aren’t lots of trails but when you are learning, that Sidewinder is a bitch. Once you gotten the hang of getting off of lifts, staying up on your board and maybe do a slight carve down the mountain. Here are my top 3 places to snowboard.


Vail Resort, Colorado

I couldn’t choose just one resort in Colorado. Every resort is unique but one thing they have in common…the runs are long and there is a lot of snow. My favorites resorts are: Aspen, Breckenridge, and Copper Mountain.


Solitude Mountain, Utah

Every time I have been to Utah for snowboarding. It was like fresh snow dump every morning. Fresh lines and wonderful, pillowy snow. It is like riding waves and when you bust your entire ass…it doesn’t hurt. My go to resorts are Solitude and Brighton.


Heavenly, Lake Tahoe, California

Really can’t go wrong with California snowboarding. Warm, sunny days and you don’t have to put too much layers on with lots of fresh snow. My favorite go to: Mammoth and Big Bear for Southern California; Tahoe: specifically Alpine and Heavenly.

Honorable Mentions:

Mount Baker, Washington: This mountain gets an average of 1000 inches of snowfall a year! Enough said.

Mount Hood, Oregon: Snowboard year long! They have a camp in the summer.

Jay’s Peak, Vermont: It is super fucking cold there but they have decent amount of snow and the backcountry is pretty dope.

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