Trinidad, Cuba


Trinidad is a UNESCO city  located in Central Cuba. About an hour drive from Cienfuegos, Trinidad was by far my favorite city that I visited in Cuba. Why? It was full of Cuban culture, cobblestone roads, and the food was really good. Okay, if you have been reading my blogs on Cuba, I haven’t really boast about food. It is because the food was just alright. I think the best think by far was the 2 CUC fried fish I got at Playa Rancho Luna. But seriously that was it. Trinidad had some really good food and I really could have stayed there for a few more days. 


Unfortunately, something happened… So one of the lessons learned, you should carry emergency money just in case you lose your wallet in the streets of Havana. ( yea that happened). They were serious about US banks being embargoed. But I learned there are ways to get around it with the use of Western Union. However it was too late for that and with the way wi-fi and wifi parks were set up… my responsibility just kicked in. There was so many things I wanted to do and eat in Trinidad and I kicked myself for not having enough emergency cash with me.  Lesson learned. Don’t spend all your money on mojitos and daiquiris while in Havana and don’t lose your wallet.  Ok back to Trinidad.

Things to do 

La casa musica


This was located in Plaza Mayor and it was dope! It is outdoor club with a live band and in the middle is opening where people can dance salsa. It was a mixture of locals and tourists but filled with fun.  I learned a little salsa but they lost me after third twirl. 1 CUC  is the entrance fee.

Disco Ayala


Another cool spot is this cave club. Yes, a club in a cave. It is about a quarter-mile walk away from the center of the city. I used to get there and it was relatively easy to get to.  Doesn’t have a live band but when are you ever going to say you partied in a cave? 10 CUC  get you in and a drink.

Playa Ancon


20 minutes away from Trinidad,  is 2 miles long quiet beach.The only have one huge hotel so it is relatively secluded.  So this is where I get sad because one of the main things I wanted to do was scuba dive in Cuba. unfortunately, with the money situation set up. I could have dived but then I would have 10 CUC for the rest the next 2 days. So scuba diving went out the door.  If you are certified or interested in diving, it is available for 35 CUC per dive and they leave at 8 and 11 am. 

Playa AnguilarIMG_0710.JPG

Located 5 minutes away from Ancon is a smaller beach. It is a more secluded and just as beautiful as Ancon.


Where to eat 

Sol y Son


For great food and great portions for a great price, this is the place to go. IMG_0687 (1).JPG

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