Feature: SallyG

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Meet Sally G! She is a Kenyan, travel fashionista that inspires to travel more and work less. (She speaks my language).  She also does it with style! When she isn’t planning on her next travel to add to her country count, Sally G is a Catering Sales Manager in hospitality.

SallyG, Tell me about your website:

There is a huge misconception that travel is expensive which is far from the truth. I created my website to inform and illustrate to people that traveling is very affordable with the right planning, sense of adventure and an open mind.   I want to inspire people to think outside the box, embrace adventure and learn ways to escape life’s daily chaos given the chance.

Inspiring people to think outside the box  and embrace adventures evolved into a website?

Travel enriches the soul. I wanted to have to have a place to document and share my travel experiences and hopefully inspire others to travel more.

Being a catering sales manager, how do you balance work and traveling?

Simple.  I work hard to be able to play harder.  I have earned a decent amount of vacation time.  I travel four times a year for about week long with the occasional extended weekend getaways.

Of the 20 countries you have traveled to, where is your favorite place? 

Lake Como, Italy.JPG
SallyG at Lake Como, Italy
Lake Como, Italy.   This part of Northern Italy is stunningly beautiful with dramatic scenery and renaissance architecture.

Country with the best food?

Italy. Endless options ranging from great pizza and pasta. The wine and cheese is divine.

Your best traveling experience?

When I was in Barcelona, I had a chance to share a cozy apartment with a wonderful AirBnB host who gave me invaluable insight on the city.  The interaction with a local added meaningful value to my overall experience.  She’s a super host and it was quite evident why she earned the title.  We have become friends since my stay.

Who is the most interesting person you met?

Rihanna while at a private party for the Coachella Arts and Music Festival.  She was standing right next to me!

Now getting to the worst, where is the worst place you been to?

I wouldn’t call it the worst place but I was unimpressed with Venice.  I think I had such high expectations which fell flat.   I may need a re-do to experience the city again.

What is the worst situation you gotten?

A 2-hour flight delay in Chicago, led to many missed connecting flights to Bali.  We ended up having to spend an impromptu night in Tokyo and Jakarta.  Rebooking our connecting flights from Jakarta to Bali on the budget airline we chose was the most challenging experience due to a language barrier.  We arrived in Bali 3 days later and missed my best friend’s vow renewal ceremony.

Solo dolo or group travel:

Solo travel is my favorite.

You never leave home without…

My phone, my travel blanket and Bluetooth speaker for my music while on the road.

Last and final question and to me one of the most important one. What was the most valuable lesson you have learned since traveling?

Traveling will change your life.   It has enriched my life in more ways than one.  Taught me humility, patience and tolerance.  The one thing you learn quickly is that despite all our difference – race, color, creed, religious beliefs etc, human beings are the same everywhere and at our core, we all want the same things.  To love and be loved, to know that we matter and that family is everything!


Bali, Indonesia.JPG
SallyG in Bali
Please check and follow Sally G’s adventures on the following:

Instagram:  @MsSallyNG

Twitter: @MsSallyNG

Snapchat: @MsSallyNG

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/mssallygworld



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