How I spent $170 on dinner

First off don’t judge me but it happened. I spent $170 on dinner in Iceland. I would like to make note that if traveling to Iceland and you plan to eat out. You are either spending a ton of money to eat a meal or spending nothing for fast food.  I did eat a shit load of hot dogs. Domino’s pizza was actually really good and not what I remember Dominoes to be.  More or less I had way more fast food than I ever had and felt like a college student. The nostalgia.

While in Reykjavik, I decided to splurge a bit at Grillmarkadurin  for the 8-course tasting menu that had everything that I was told to try (whale, lamb, etc) and added a horse dish.

Appetizer: Artic Char with trout roe.
Appetizer: Whale with a soya vinaigrette

Everything was great from start to finish. The one dish I could have done without was this fish and squid appetizer. It was either overcooked or really want to make the fish and chips like a dish. Either way, shit was terrible.

Appetizer: Fish and calamari ( look good but it wasnt)

Favorite dishes was the duck salad, steak, and the lamb. I would suggest taking the chef recommendation on how the steak and lamb should be cooked. We did not take the chef recommendation for the horse though. They said rare. Me: That is aggressive. I’ll take it medium rare, please.

Duck Salad
Smoked ribeye

Side note: The 8-course tasting menu was more than enough and probably just enough. By the time the horse dish came out. My travel buddy and I were tired from gluttony. But the horse meat was packed up and added to our ramen noodles the next night ( I’m not kidding).

Arctic char
Horse tenderloin
Dessert platter

In the end… was $170 per a person a lot? Yes, maybe.  However I left there foodie belly satisfied and didn’t do the regret walk like “ fuck we could have did this with $170!!!”

A few other food to try in Iceland:

Hot dogs are found basically found anywhere.
  1. Hot dogs: The hot dog itself… not the best. But for like a dollar a pop and you throw in all of the condiments ( fried onions, mustard, ketchup, and onions) it is pretty good.
  2. Kartöflukrydd AKA crack AKA Iceland seasoning salt. I am not a huge fan of salt and rarely add salt in my food despite my cardiologist’s recommendation ( I have hypotension sometimes that cause me to pass out in random places like on a tar mat in Ukraine). BUT this stuff… I can put it on everything. First off, it is waaaayyy better than Lawry’s.  Secondly, it doesn’t make things super salty and it adds a hint of spice to it. You can find just about anywhere that sells french fries. Sprinkle it on some fries and thank me later.

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