A little goes a BIG way


The randomness of me…  “OOOhhh a flight deal to Nicaragua! What can I do there? Maybe I can scuba dive.” *Researches scuba diving in Nicaragua.*

And that is how I ended up taking a quick long weekend trip to this unknown place called  Little Corn Island…. A little bit about this island. It is a Creole, English, Spanish Speaking 1.5 square miles in size island that is everything. If you are looking for authenticity and no tourism, Little Corn Island is the best.

A few things you need to know about traveling to Little Corn Island:

    1. A $32 dollar departure tax is paid at customs upon arrival. Make sure you have enough cash to expedite  your time at customs. .
    2. Las Costena Airlines is the airline that provides service to and from Corn Island. Las Costena Airlines has a website so you are able to check the times and book ahead. My round trip ticket was about $200 (there is a $5 departure tax).

      On Las Costenas Airplane
    3. From Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island, I had to take a 30 minute panga ride. When you take the Panga… just be ready for it. It is  It is like riding a banana boat with 40 other people. Pangas leave at 10am and 4:30 pm daily to Little Corn Island; 6:30 am and 1:30 pm daily to Big Corn Island.  Keep in mind; pangas could be cancelled if it is too windy. Plan to leave to a day early from Little Corn Island and stay on Big Corn Island so you won’t miss your flight home. Pangas were cancelled during my stay. >



There are two ways to get around Little Corn Island: walking and biking. Little Corn Island does not have any motorized vehicles. AT. ALL. It was one of the best experiences I had in Little Corn Island. I literally walked from one end of the island to another in 15 minutes.


If you have not made accommodations. Don’t worry, once you get off of the panga, there are people advertising accommodations. Accommodations vary from $10 – $100 a night. Or if you are anal like me and need to make sure you get everything taken care prior to the trip ( I’m spontaneous but with a plan) , I ended up doing a dive package that included a room.


The island has a ton of culture so food wise, they have a variety of food. One of the must try is Rondon ( seafood stew).  Meals on an average was $5- $15. Beers are about $2 and Drinks are about $3. Oh fruits! Take time to walk the island and pick up some mangoes or coconuts.

Things to do:

One of the big things to do here is diving ( duh!). They have a ton of dive sites, depending on the conditions. 

Some other things you can do is catch a baseball game with the locals, snorkeling, get a massage, walk the entire island or just relax and enjoy a beer or two in a hammock while watching the sunset. It is super chillax on this island.

Scuba Diving with a Nurse Shark

Good to know:

Little Corn Island accepts US Dollars and Córdoba (Nicaragua dollar). Bring enough cash with you because they do not have ATMs on the island. Only a few restaurants accept credit cards.  The island has limited electricity and they turn off their electricity during the day. Wi-Fi is spotty.

Little Corn island is a super chill place if you want to just do absolutely nothing. My type A ass actually enjoyed standing still, doing nothing for the weekend.

Hammock Life during a sunset

Note from me: I did go to Little Corn Island prior to all political crisis that Nicaragua is facing at this moment. I am not sure how it is effecting Little Corn Island. Please do ask the local dive shops or accommodations prior to booking. 



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